Introduction to Photoshop for Photographers

Saturdays 10-1 pm

Thursdays  3-6 pm

 $ 150.00

• Correcting exposure and colors

• Photo retouching

• Preparing for printing

• Tips and tricks

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Introduction to Photoshop for Photographers

These classes are very comprehensive and cover all the basics of Photoshop including layers, selections, masks, retouching, and color correction. No prior familiarity with Photoshop is needed. People with some experience will still find this class beneficial as it puts all the features into context and provides a systematic way of approaching one’s work. Photoshop for Photographers includes more sophisticated methods of editing images and is a wonderful class for understanding the full possibilities of the digital darkroom.

You'll learn many photo-editing techniques for retouching, restoration, color correction, and anything else you need to perfect any of your digital images.



Overview of Photoshop

Camera Raw

Correcting exposure and colors


Dodging and Burning

Using Layers

Using Masks

Photo retouching

Saving for Web, printing, e-mail

Image size and resolution

Monitor calibration

Preparing the image for printing

Tips and tricks