Photo Classes

Introduction to Digital Photography

Saturdays 2-5 pm

Tuesdays  3-6 pm

 Two sessions of 3 hours each

(Combination of Tuesdays and Saturdays are possible)



• Know your camera

• Exposure

• Photo editing

• Printing

• Tips and tricks


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Introduction to Digital Photography

This course is designed for photographers who are comfortable with their digital or film camera and want to take their skills to the next level. You will improve your photography and learn how to manually adjust the features of a digital camera including exposure compensation, white balance and ISO sensitivity.

You will learn to use the controls, image storage capabilities, menus, color balance and creative possibilities on a digital camera.  We will cover exposures, lighting, shutter effects, white balance and the differences between film and digital cameras.


Course Goals

At the end of the session, each of you will have an in-depth understanding of how a digital camera works , understand how to adjust for difficult lighting situations, Be able to describe the principles of lighting and composition , be able to decipher the histogram on the back of your camera , See how Adobe Photoshop can be used to refine and enhance your digital photographs.


• Previsualization

Importance of previsualization

How to achieve it (Location, light, composition, Exposure, DOF)

What to expect from your photos


• Camera

How to choose a camera

How a  digital camera works


• Exposure

Lenses and focal length

-f/stop – Aperture

Shutter speed - Motion

Depth of field


Composition (rules and tips)

Flash and artificial light


• Photo editing

Saving your images

Editing Software (iPhoto, Photoshop)

Correcting exposure and colors

Photo retouching

Improving your images

Preparing the image for printing


• Printing






• Tips and tricks

Useful tips and tricks to improve your photos and make your life easier

• Critique session